Let's Be The Most Dog Friendly Town In The South

So a big part of what we hope to accomplish in our new hometown of #spartanburgsc is to make it the most dog-friendly town in the South! Take a look at this list - and see, there's not a single town in the top 10 in the South. 

We want to make Spartanburg the town to remember when it comes to your canines. (We love cats too, but they don't typically like to go out for a night on the town)


To do that, we want to hear what YOU want to see, as dog owners in Spartanburg. We'll be launching social media (Instagram, facebook, website) soon for this as well. But we want to work on what dog owners want! More outdoor seating restaurants? More parks? More trails? 

A guide to all the dog-friendly options in Spartanburg? Let us know! 

Hit the contact us above and shoot us a message!