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60% of Cats are Obese or Overweight... We can help

60% of Cats in America are overweight or obese. That can mean a dreaded trip to the vets office ( ) and possibly medication. Have you ever tried to give a cat medication? I'd rather run over hot coals with razor blades. The feeling is about the same! But, good news to those with an overweight/obese cat. Answers Pet Food ( makes it easy to get the weight under control, take care of side effects to obesity (diabetes, etc) and get your cat back to feeling great again. Check out this diet suggestion that we recommend (based on Answers' research & data)

In our experience, cats prefer the Kefir to the Goats Milk, and some like it at room temperature. But, try both. Your cat may like each of them, and even chilled from the fridge. You can also try the room temperature thing with the food as well. A gentle touch of the milk/food with the cats paw will also get them used to the texture of the diet. Cats will clean their paw if something is amiss. That helps them become a fan of the new food. On your next visit to Pawmetto Pet Market ( ) pick up a kitty pack, and let us know how it goes! You'll start to notice changes in the cats behavior soon, more energy, more playful, more agility and such. Not to mention the health benefits going on inside the cat that you can't see! #spartanburgsc #hubcity #spartanburg #pawmettopetmarket #pawmettopets #hubcitypets #answerspetfood #rawfedcats #feedraw #catsoffacebook #catsofinstagram #caturday #weship #wedeliver #yeahthatgreenville #upstatesc Link: |