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Why we will ALWAYS be Raw-hide FREE!

A few years ago, when I worked at Purrrfect Bark in Columbus, NC, I got all excited about a new brand of treats I saw at a buying show. They had a great name, nice packaging, awesome display's and so much more! I ordered up a bunch, was ready for them and had picked out a new spot to put them in the treat area. Then, I noticed that I apparently missed they contained rawhide, as the #2 ingredient. Now, it wasn't a normal rawhide roll or treat, but instead, it was ground up rawhide pieces (what is rawhide: ) mixed in with the meat of the treat. Nope. Sorry. Deal breaker. So they were returned. I lost some money for a restocking fee, but it was ok, we were 100% not rawhide friendly.

Here's why: