Dog & Cat Foods

There's a whole big world out there for pet foods. At Pawmetto Pet, we're able to narrow down the options for our brands quickly. We 100% believe in meat-based foods for dogs and cats. We look for foods that can fit your pets dietary needs, with an emphasize on quality ingredients, eco friendly & humane raised & processed.

We spend several hours a month staying up to date on the latest studies and information, so you can spend MORE time with your pets, which is what it's all about. 

Small Animal Food

The good nutrition needs apply to small animals as well. We stock a variety of high-quality products for your small animal friends. While we don't have as much on hand as dogs & cats, we will special order whatever items you need! Don't see it? Just ask!

We can get brands for your Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Rats, Mice, Reptiles, Fish, Birds & more! 

Biologically Appropriate

Our nutrition recommendations are focused on what fits the animals needs the best. We don't believe in artificial flavors & colors, corn, wheat, soy and animal by-products. 

We focus our carefully selected brands based on the amount of meats available. Our mission statement of making all pets healthier starts with a raw food diet. Stop in and pick our brain, and we'll get you started on raw!

Natural Flea & Tick Health

Over the years, we have put a lot of research into our product selection for Flea & Tick problems. Our philosophy has lead us to being a Chemical-Free store when it comes to the pesky insects! All of our products would be considered All-Natural, Chemical Free and safe! 

Stop in and find out the differences in our products vs the ones you've heard of before!

Other Products Include...

Does your dog like the cute, adorable Toys? Or do they prefer the harder, more durable chew toys that can hold up to their play style?

We've got a great selection of Harnesses, Leashes, Collars - from some of the cutest to most respected outdoor brands!

We hand pick the best cat litters, with a mixture of clay based or alternative options.

During the winter, your pet will stay warm with our great selection of coats, fleeces and hoodies. 

Beds so soft you'll want to be the one sleeping on them! 

A little achey joints, or upset stomach in the house? Our supplement line will take care of that with the highest quality options available. 

Stay on top of the grooming needs with our selection of brushes, trimmers, scissors and shampoo's. Don't forget the conditioner for that lasting shine!

Plus so much more!!